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An “A” Student

     There’s probably no one who gets in the way of what God wants to do in our lives more than we do.  We get in a hurry. We want what we want when we want it.  And when we have a need that isn’t resolved on our schedule, we lose faith and start to fret.

     Since this is so often the case, I am determined to be an “A” student in the study of Psalm 46:10I would love for you to join me, but, I will warn you in advance, I keep taking this class over and over again.

 He says, Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

     There are endless examples of times when I got in a hurry and made huge mistakes.  Times when what I wanted was the worst thing I could have requested.  And opportunities to be sure of what I hoped for and certain of what I could not see that ended up with me striving instead.  As much as I continuously try to tell myself I am not as hardheaded as the Israelites in the desert, I’ve been around this mountain more than a few times.  I want to pass the test.  I want to graduate from slipping down the slope of things that don’t go my way.

      And, there seems to be some progress, if only a little.

        In June, I was tentatively scheduled for a working vacation that was beyond anything I could have asked for or imagined.  The idea was pitched to me on a normal day when I was just doing what I do.  Factor in the concept of getting paid for doing what you love and it was almost unbelievable.  I was afraid to think about it for fear it might not happen.  And then it didn’t.  There were scheduling conflicts, endless phone tag, an injury, and it just didn’t work out.  The former “C” student in me would have behaved in a bit of a spoiled rotten way.  The aspiring “A” student sat back and analyzed the possibility that our timing wasn’t necessarily God’s timing.

     As it turned out, something happened that week that really required me to be at home.   I am so grateful God knew more about it than I did.

     In July, the trip came up again and His timing was PERFECT!  The trip was AMAZING!  And our lives were forever changed by many of the people we met…good, godly people who poured much wisdom into our hearts and souls.

     Last week, I had a similar experience.  My dad and I have been looking for a cheap horse trailer.  We found one, but couldn’t go look at it on the seller’s schedule.  When we could go, it was gone.  We found another one and it was so far away we debated the wisdom of it.  We looked at a few more and shared the laughter of What were those people thinking?  Then we found a beautiful trailer right in our hometown.  Everyone loaded up and off we went, thoroughly convinced we would be pulling that trailer home.  But, it wasn’t at all like the photos had depicted it.  I didn’t flinch.  I didn’t get upset.  I never even felt disappointed.  I was a little shocked that it was so different from what I thought it might be, but it was clearly not the one.  Instead of allowing it to mess up our evening, as I might have done in the past, I was relieved when my dad agreed we should walk away.

     We had a nice dinner, shared some laughs, enjoyed being together as a family and looked forward to our next opportunity.  Until then, I will remain a student of Psalm 46:10 and I will be still.

     Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t believe God is putting all things on hold in heaven to make sure our plans pan out, or we get something we want and think we need.  I do believe His eye is on the sparrow and His eye is on us.  I also believe He cares enough to use whatever matters in our lives to grow us and bring us closer to Him and closer to our completion.

     When I finished writing this I wasn’t at all sure if I should even share it.  So, I decided to put it aside and spend some time doing my Bible study.   It included a comment that sounded a whole lot like confirmation.  

God is always teaching me something because I have so much to learn. About the time I think I learned it, somehow I un-learned it. And here we go again.  The same lesson again.  Because God is going to make sure we get an A.  So we keep having the same test. ~Beth Moore Faithful Abundant True

      I guess I could have taken the title An A Student from Beth Moore’s quote but I had already written it.  Things like that just seem way cool.  Maybe I focus too much on the little things.  But I know He’s got all the big things covered, so why not the little things too?

 Is God asking you to be still and trust him?

Are you the one standing in Gods way when He just wants to bless you? 

We all do it.

We all want what we want when we want it.

But His timing, His economy, His favor, His gifts are always perfect!

Just watch and wait.

Keep your eyes on Jesus.  At least TRY 🙂

He really does care about every little detail of your life!

     We finally found an old trailer and wouldn’t you know it, it was HALF the price of all the others.  I love what happens when I wait.  But today, tomorrow, or next week, I’ll probably get in a hurry again and loop around the base of that mountain one more time!

What about you?  Do you ever find yourself on this journey?  

Are you also trying for an A in this class? 🙂

© Copyright 2012, KeziahCarrie.  All Rights Reserved

Comments on: "An “A” Student" (7)

  1. Love this post and my GPA in it is improving too, Sis. My life resembled (without horses) the sort of “what???” you have lived with and I’m learning to whine less and not shake so much either. The “be still and know” verse follows me everywhere! I also find Isaiah 60:1 to suit my “lesson plan” since no matter what life brings, the Glory of the Lord is OURS! Hugs, sis!

    • Girl…You are an inspiration to anyone who is being taught to be still and wait. I think you’ve probably already achieved your A and are going for your Master’s Degree. 🙂 It’s funny in a way, as I write about these “little things” there are plenty of BIG things going wrong around us. But, I try to write what I think God is leading me to write and in this case it was more of the small things. I think sometimes it’s even easier for people to believe that God will take care of the BIG things when, as you know, He truly cares about all things. 🙂 We are all so blessed.

    • Oh, you are so right! I think those little love gifts really to give hope, since if He loves us so much to give us little kisses along the way, surely He’ll never abandon us in those BIG ones! So true! Thanks for the kind words. A friend from church (or two) have called me upbeat and joyful and an encourager and I often feel like I should avoid folks so they won’t catch my “gloom.” It’s only His grace that sustains us and oh, learning to find His joy in all things? Amazing! (I have a job interview coming up on 8-14 at 1:30 and am praying that God’s will be done REGARDLESS of the outcome. I can’t in complete honesty say that I don’t hope this is His will, but I know with all my heart that whatever His will is, it’s gonna TOTALLY ROCK. No doubt in my mind at all!

  2. Vanessa Clayborn said:

    Whoa! Reading your post made me wonder if you had peeked inside my journal over the last few weeks. I keep coming back to the “be still and wait” thought in so many areas of my life: church teacher, mother, wife, daughter and on and on. So many areas of my life right now keep circling me back to this basic point. It is like the cartoon and I’m Daffy. Bugs keeps changing the direction sign on me, and I keep coming back to the same spot (message). Even last night in church service, we had a guest speaker and singer who was so annointed. Out of the three hour service, I walked away humbled at God’s patience with me on this point. I want to be anxious for nothing and know that “God’s got this” and the outcome (whatever it may be) will be in my favor. So thankful HE has HIS eye on the sparrow and every small detail of my life. NOTHING is too big or too small for my God. In the grocery store, in the car, at my parents, at my desk, and all the other “normal” places of my life, HE is there. My other devotional this morning was along these same lines. I’m listening and appreciate your letting God use you as another of my teachers. Like you, I’m striving for that “A” but honest enough to admit that my grades will slip from time to time. However, I also know the God who loves us is faithful and patient. Yep. Thanks for the reminder, Annette. “HE’s got this.”

    • Vanessa,

      I am never more humbled than when I think maybe this message is just too simplistic for God to use…or maybe no one cares about the silly ways in which I believe I see God working…or maybe I should just quit doing this because who am I to be telling anyone anything on my way around the mountain again…and then He sends me affirmation through you and others letting me know it was His idea all along and not my own. He is so good. He is so loving and so merciful and so kind. Our entire family is in a season of “Be still and wait”…if I told you all the things that are falling apart around us you would have to laugh. In times past, when something would break or need minor repair, we would just fix it. But God has us in a place where we have no choice but to wait on Him. I know He is faithful. I know He is able. And when He shows up to rescue us this time, I may need to dance in the rain!! 😀

      So many blessings are coming your way! You are a good woman!!

      Love ya so much,

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