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When Less is More

           There were advertisements, segments on talk shows, news stories, even live shots on opening day.  When the only bookstore in our city’s most prestigious shopping mall closed, a new exciting store quickly took its place.

           What would wealthy, educated Americans want more than access to the latest in literary arts?

           Containers, of course!

          The opening of The Container Store was about as big as the day the doors were unlocked at the new Nordstrom.  

          But then it makes perfect sense.  After a stop and shop at Nords, a person needs somewhere to put all the new purchases.

           I’m not knocking the new container store; it’s a pretty clever concept, I am however, making fun of our inherent need for such specialized nooks.  We’ve got a bunch of stuff and now we need more places to put it.  How many of those storage facilities have cropped up across the country?  They’re everywhere!  You can even get a look at what’s in some of them on “Storage Wars”, yet another reality show, this time allowing us to be voyeurs into the secret stash of a recently repossessed storage unit.  When you lose your stuff, because you had so much stuff you could no longer afford your stuff, that just might be…too much stuff. 

           Maybe I’m a little sensitive to the subject since I’m currently studying the New Testament book of James, and today’s lesson was on hoarding and self-indulgence.  I guess it could be a touch of Spring Fever since the daffodils are poking their little yellow heads up way ahead of schedule.  Or maybe it’s because we’ve accumulated so much stuff in the square footage God has given us, that we don’t have room for it all. 

          Clutter makes me crazy!

           What ever is causing this feeling; I wonder if The Container Store has a place for me to put it? 

          “In part, hoarding means withholding what we don’t even use from others who’d treasure it. All of us are accustomed to the saying “use it or lose it” but, the fact is, we’re going to lose it anyway.  We’re not taking one ounce of this stuff with us when we die.”

 ~Beth Moore

James: Mercy Triumphs/LifeWay Press*

 “Even if I pay all my bills and rightly pay every laborer I employ, is not my superfluous spending on myself when others need the basics for survival a contradiction of loving my neighbor as myself?”

 ~Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick

(Beth’s daughter)

James: Mercy Triumphs/LifeWay Press*

 Beth’s Advice: When we get something new, something has to go. 

 I’m WAY behind on that one.

 How about you? 🙂

© Copyright 2012, KeziahCarrie.  All Rights Reserved

Comments on: "When Less is More" (2)

  1. My daughter picks up the plastic pinwheel and blows.. she tries one in every color.. testing their velocity. She wants to get one for each of her friends. We’re planning a girl’s party to celebrate Spring. We’ve had snow on the ground since October! Eight little girls are coming over the day the clock springs forward and we’re making flower shaped cookies and planting johnny-jump-up viola seeds in little clay pots… come on Spring! I brought her to the store for flower shaped cookie cutters. The pinwheels are the third diversion. First there were flower covered umbrellas, then paper lanterns in a kaleidoscope of colors… now the plastic pinwheels. I’m telling her – she’s right – they’re lovely – but we don’t NEED them. They’re flimsy and disposable. But, they’re FUN she demonstrates – blowing one round and round. My husband and I call this the ‘stuff mart’ phenomenon. You didn’t know you needed it ’til you started shopping. The reference to ‘stuff mart’ comes from a Veggie Tales short called – Madame Blueberry. Our kids watched it so many times they can recite the lines. The Thankfulness Song still reminds me to step away from unnecessary ‘stuff’ – “Because a thankful heart is a happy heart. I’m glad for what I have, that’s an easy way to start. For the love that He shares, ’cause he listens to my prayers, that’s why I say thanks every day!” My daughter did look joyful playing with the pinwheels – that’s the tricky part of ‘stuff’ isn’t it? – The illusion that it’s theTHING that’s making you happy. But really – the happy is IN you. And, when we gather together with friends – it’s the fellowship we share that spreads that happy! Thank you for reminding me to spread the happy Annette!

    • Your words paint the most beautiful picture. If you were able to say “no” to the pinwheels you are far stronger than I. 🙂 As I survey the mountains of stuff strewn about the house, I see many items purchased for the children on a “have to have” in the moment basis. I see things only used once. I remember the day and the excitement and then all other demands returned and the “have to have” was left to linger alone. It makes me a bit sad for the children who will never know the passion of owning the one bicycle, doll, toy truck or other “have to have” that was a constant in our lives for years and years.

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